The Zion80 Vinyl Challenge: Help Us Get There by June 30!

It may have seemed a bit quiet in Zion80 land recently, but rest assured we’re working super hard to get everything ready for the epic release of WARRIORS!

We’ve updated the Zion80 Vinyl Challenge so that we need to sell just 50 preorders of the WARRIORS album on a 12″ vinyl LP in order to be able to manufacture it. But we need to do it by JUNE 30 so we have enough time to have it ready for release. If we’re able to do it, it’ll be Zion80’s very first release on vinyl. Which would be so sweet…

We hope you’ll join us in meeting the Vinyl Challenge by June 30! To get your preorder of WARRIORS on vinyl (we’ll even sign it for you), go to the Zion80 PledgeMusic page now »