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Limited edition of 50 CDs with hand-painted digipaks / each one a unique design / numbered and signed by Jon Madof. Order it here »

Limited edition CD with hand-painted digipak case
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Zion80’s Warriors RMX is a reworking of songs from 2017’s Warriors EP. The 10-piece band’s signature groove-heavy sound of out-front horns, organic percussion, electric guitars and keyboards lends itself very well to the art of the remix. The album kicks off with a mix of “Pardes” by Curha (aka Curtis Hasselbring), adding a dose of quirky electronica to the song’s Latin-jazz groove (think Eddie Palmieri meets Autechre). The album’s only vocal track is a mix of “In Our Youth” by producer Smoke M2D6, featuring indie rapper/poet ePHRYME and some added guitar work from Zion80 bandleader Jon Madof. Madof takes the reins on a dub-heavy mix of “Wandering Stone,” with nods to producers Bill Laswell and King Tubby. London-based producer and multi-instrumental wizard Koby Israelite runs “Holy Brother” through the mashup meat grinder, adding blast-beat drums and chaotic jump-cuts along the way. The album finishes with an instrumental version of “In Our Youth,” bringing the album to a close and hinting at things to come from a live band who, after eight years and four studio albums, has only begun to expand their musical horizons into uncharted territory. Available as a limited edition CD with hand-painted digipak cover »


  1. Pardes – Curha RMX
  2. In Our Youth – Smoke q RMX (feat. ePRHYME, Jon Madof)
  3. Wandering Stone – Jon Madof RMX
  4. Holy Brother – Koby Israelite RMX
  5. In Our Youth – Smoke M2D6 Instrumental RMX (feat. Jon Madof)