Nigunim in Clave: Session 3

The latest session of ‘NIGUNIM IN CLAVE’ with Zion80’s Marlon Sobol and Jon Madof and very special guest Yoshie Fruchter (Zion80, Sandcatchers).

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Chant Records: The Fugu Plan

Chant Records will be launching soon! It will be the home not only of Zion80 but many bands including The Fugu Plan. Jon sat down with Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz and Yuka to discuss the band, the Chant Festival and more. Check it out, and stay tuned!

Nigunim in Clave: Session 2

Zion80​’s percussionist Marlon Sobol​ has been setting Hasidic songs (known as ‘nigunim’) to Afro-Cuban rhythms. This is very much in the spirit of Zion80, combining Jewish music with other genres and flavors. Here’s the second video in the ‘Nigunim in Clave’ series with Marlon and Jon Madof​. Stay tuned for more!