One day left!

Ok folks, this is it. Over 200 pledgers funded the WARRIORS project. We took it to the next level with the Zion80 Vinyl Challenge. And now there’s just ONE DAY LEFT to preorder your copy of WARRIORS on 12″ vinyl LP. We’re getting there, but we need to meet our target of 50 preorders by tomorrow, June 30, in order to manufacture the album on vinyl.

For just 25 bucks (add five more and we’ll sign it for you), you’ll get the vinyl along with a pre-release download of the music and instant access to exclusive downloads like Zion80 live tracks and other goodies. PLUS you’ll get a special inside look at the brand new label Chant Records, which will be releasing WARRIORS and a whole lot of other great music.

Click below to get your vinyl on, and please share with friends to help get the word out.