One day left!

Ok folks, this is it. Over 200 pledgers funded the WARRIORS project. We took it to the next level with the Zion80 Vinyl Challenge. And now there’s just ONE DAY LEFT to preorder your copy of WARRIORS on 12″ vinyl LP. We’re getting there, but we need to meet our target of 50 preorders by tomorrow, June 30, in order to manufacture the album on vinyl.

For just 25 bucks (add five more and we’ll sign it for you), you’ll get the vinyl along with a pre-release download of the music and instant access to exclusive downloads like Zion80 live tracks and other goodies. PLUS you’ll get a special inside look at the brand new label Chant Records, which will be releasing WARRIORS and a whole lot of other great music.

Click below to get your vinyl on, and please share with friends to help get the word out.


Nigunim in Clave: Session 1

Zion80’s amazing percussionist Marlon Sobol has been setting Hasidic songs (known as ‘nigunim’) to Afro-Cuban rhythms. This is very much in the spirit of Zion80, combining Jewish music with various other genres and flavors. He and Jon made their first video in what will hopefully be an ongoing project called ‘Nigunim in Clave.’ Enjoy!

And don’t forget to join us in the Zion80 Vinyl Challenge. In order to release WARRIORS on vinyl, we need 50 preorders by June 30. Help us get there by pledging today and sharing with friends. Here’s the link:

Vinyl Challenge Update

Ok folks, here’s the deal. We reached and surpassed our funding goal on PledgeMusic. Now we’re taking it to the next level by offering a preorder of the WARRIORS album on 12″ vinyl LP. But we need to sell 50 copies by June 30 to get there. And we’ll even sign it for you 🙂

Check out the video below, then order your copy right here »

The Zion80 Vinyl Challenge: Help Us Get There by June 30!

It may have seemed a bit quiet in Zion80 land recently, but rest assured we’re working super hard to get everything ready for the epic release of WARRIORS!

We’ve updated the Zion80 Vinyl Challenge so that we need to sell just 50 preorders of the WARRIORS album on a 12″ vinyl LP in order to be able to manufacture it. But we need to do it by JUNE 30 so we have enough time to have it ready for release. If we’re able to do it, it’ll be Zion80’s very first release on vinyl. Which would be so sweet…

We hope you’ll join us in meeting the Vinyl Challenge by June 30! To get your preorder of WARRIORS on vinyl (we’ll even sign it for you), go to the Zion80 PledgeMusic page now »

Zion80 on Vinyl??!?

Now that the Zion80 PledgeMusic campaign has been funded (with 200 pledges!), we’re taking it to the next level. We’re now offering the full WARRIORS album on 12″ VINYL in the Zion80 store. BUT – there’s a very important condition: In order to manufacture the vinyl, we need to sell a minimum of 75 copies.Help us get there by pledging today and sharing with friends.