Nigunim in Clave: Session 6!

We’re pleased to bring you the newest ‘Nigunim in Clave’ video with Zion80’s Marlon Sobol and Jon Madof. The project mixes Afro-Cuban rhythms with traditional Jewish melodies, and this one starts with an intro showing how Marlon came up with the idea.

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Nigunim in Clave: Session 5

Zion80’s Jon Madof and Marlon Sobol are back with a brand new video for the ‘Nigunim in Clave’ project, mixing traditional wordless Hasidic melodies (‘nigunim’) with the clave rhythms of Afro-Cuban music. They’re joined by very special guest vocalist Eitan Katz. Enjoy!

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Jon Madof on the Third Story podcast

Zion80’s Jon Madof sat down with Leo Sidran for his awesome podcast ‘The Third Story.’ The conversation covered a variety of subjects – how music and spirituality are related, what it means to create your own kind of authenticity, the difference between a job and a mission, and whether or not an artist’s work can be separated from their personal behavior – a theme that is particularly resonant today. Listen Here »

Zion80 at The Stone NYC 12/2

Zion80 returns to The Stone NYC one last time on December 2 before the beloved venue closes for good in 2018. It’s part of the Jon Madof Residency happening 11/28-12/3. Other shows include the experimental post-rock of House of Wisdom on 11/28, Ruthless Cosmopolitans on 11/30 (a new project with Eden Pearlstein aka ePRHYME) and more. Go to for more info »